Reasons NOT to Use A Staffing Firm

Over the years we have shared plenty of reasons why you should partner with a staffing firm but let’s dive into a few of the reasons why you SHOULDN’T.

You’re Already an Expert

You may already be an expert in your own field of work but interviewing, hiring, and reviewing candidates takes its own set of skills. Consider L.K. Jordan & Associates, where our extensive experience speaks volumes. With over 33 years in the staffing and recruiting industry, our knowledgeable staffing averages 15+ years of expertise. Each recruiter has cultivated relationships with industry experts, readily accessible at any moment. It’s part of our recruiters’ responsibility to stay abreast of industry trends, staffing regulations, and emerging technologies.

You Can Find Candidates On Your Own

Everyone can definitely find people who could be hired – but will they be the right person for the job? Or will you have a lot of turnover and need to start the search from scratch again? Staffing firms have large pools of qualified candidates and we are constantly adding more to our rolodex that we can contact at a moment’s notice. Not only that, but recruiters have also developed relationships with both active and passive candidates to present to you and let you decide who would be the best possible fit for your position.

You Have Too Much Free Time

If you do have too much free time, you may be the only person who does. Effective recruiting requires a considerable investment of time. By the time you reach the interview stage, you’ve navigated an exhaustive process of sourcing and screening numerous candidates, often dealing with irrelevant applications. Delegating this task to a seasoned recruiter allows you the luxury of redirecting your time towards other critical projects. Because lets fact it, who doesn’t appreciate having additional time on their hands?

You Hate Saving Money

While there is a mark-up fee associated with hiring through a staffing agency, the overall savings are substantial. Companies like L.K. Jordan & Associates, cultivate partnerships with a range of job boards, which in turn facilitate a rapid talent acquisition process. Advertising for employees can incur significant costs, which we take on, so you don’t have to. Engaging a consultant through a staffing firm comes with added advantages, such as the firm assuming statutory responsibilities like paid sick time, payrolling fees, and various administrative costs. Opting for temporary employees rather than onboarding permanent resources can be a cost-effective strategy. Utilizing a staffing firm provides the flexibility to complete projects in a financially conservative manner.


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