We’re your employment partner.

Our thorough screening process ensures you always have access to the highly qualified individuals you need. We provide a one-stop shop for all your personnel needs from light industrial, administrative, clerical, and accounting and finance to oil & gas, professional and technical personnel.

We offer:

    Individualized service, customized to your needs
    Broader reach than a local firm, deeper market knowledge than a national agency
    Comprehensive screening to place the right candidate in the right job
    Simple-to-use web center for ordering, tracking and reporting

Our Services:

Temporary staffing.

This flexible option enables you to quickly fill vacancies with candidates who have been interviewed, screened, e-Verified, and tested to match your specific requirements.


Ensure the perfect fit with this try-before-you-buy option. Evaluate an employee for hard and soft skills before extending a job offer. Increase engagement and improve retention by seeing first hand how well a candidate fits into your work environment and culture.

Direct hire.

We conduct specialized searches for key professional positions in a variety of fields such as manufacturing, oil & gas, administrative, healthcare, technical, legal, engineering, and accounting and finance.

Payroll services.

Place your personnel onto our payroll. We alleviate time-consuming tasks like payroll, workers’ compensation, insurance, and W2’s. Any number of employees can be placed on our payroll, effectively streamlining and improving payroll management. We help businesses of all sizes increase productivity by simplifying payroll administration, so you can focus on running your business.

On-Site Management.

L.K. Jordan & Associates provides an on-site staffing consultant assigned directly to your facilities to serve as an extension of our branch office at each work site. This promotes an immediate response to staffing needs, efficient oversight of temporary employees and payroll processing.

Let us help you make your next great hire.

Choose from temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire and executive jobs in the oil and gas, medical and industrial industries.

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