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What Is A Staffing Company?

A staffing company (also known as a staffing agency or employment agency) is a business that specializes in connecting employers with individuals seeking temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply online via our website, in person, or by applying to our posted jobs on any job boards we utilize. Be sure you use your most recently updated resume when you apply.

What Does The Application Process Look Like?

When you call or apply online, we will set an interview time. When you come in to interview, you will complete the onboarding process followed by a drug screen (except for our Austin office, where you will take the drug screen after accepting the position). You will then meet with your staffing supervisor, who will review the position(s) available positions that meet your experience and skill set.

What Pre-Screening Do You Use?

Our offices use local county background checks, PeopleFacts, E-Verify, and a drug screen.

How Much Do Your Services Cost Me As A Job Seeker?

All of our services are completely free for each job seeker.

How Long Do People Hold Temporary Jobs?

Temporary positions can last for a few hours to several years. The best estimate for the average tenure of temporary and contract employees is around 3-4 months.

Can I Get A Permanent Job Through Your Firm?

Yes, you can absolutely get hired on permanently with our clients after being hired initially temporarily. You can also be hired directly by our clients. Our direct hire recruiters specialize in finding permanent positions for all industries such as executive, accounting and finance, administrative, engineering, healthcare, oil and gas and skills and trade.

What Kind Of Flexibility Does A Staffing Job Offer Me?

Temporary employees can choose when, where, and how they want to work – all contributing to valuable work-life balance.

What Types Of Clients/Industries Do You Work With?

L.K Jordan works with a variety of clients and industries. Some of the industries we work with most frequently are accounting and finance, administrative, executive, industrial, engineering, healthcare & medical, and oil and gas.

What Jobs Do You Have Available And What Types Of Positions Do You Place?

We always have a variety of positions available for people of varying skill levels. You can search for keywords on the “Search Jobs” tab on our website to see if we have any that currently match your interests and experience.

Can I Come In Today To Talk To A Recruiter?

Yes, we always prefer to have an appointment in place, but we are available during business hours to meet with you.

I’ve Been Placed On A Job. When Do I Get Paid?

Weekly, on Fridays.

Do Staffing Firms Offer Benefits?

L.K. Jordan does offer benefits through Essential StaffCare. We offer medical, dental, and vision services.

I Have Applied To Open Positions Online, But I Haven’t Heard Back About My Application. When Can I Expect Someone To Reach Out To Me?

Please call the branch directly to speak with the Staffing Supervisor listed in the positions you applied for.

Do You Hold My First Check?

We do not hold your first paycheck, but because the pay cycle runs Monday through Sunday, it will take your first week to process, so you will not receive it until the following week.

Why Should I Work With A Staffing Agency To Find A Job?

Looking for work is not easy and can be a drain of time and energy. Staffing agencies (like L.K. Jordan) help job seekers get noticed and land positions that match their qualifications at companies that are hiring. We have access to positions that may be posted elsewhere and have direct contact with the hiring managers for those positions.

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