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What You Need to Know About Working With L.K. Jordan

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Staffing Agency?

Working with a staffing agency has so many benefits for our current and potential clients. L.K. Jordan will quickly fill job vacancies with employees who have been interviewed, screened, and tested to match employer-specified requirements. Our Staffing professionals possess years of industry experience and accreditation. Working with us gives you the flexibility you need with reduced hiring risks. Since we handle various aspects like payroll, benefits, and administrative tasks, there are many cost savings you can take advantage of.

Our Company Has Never Used A Staffing Firm Before, What Is The Process To Get Started?

Our process is extremely quick and easy! We will discuss the role(s) you need us to recruit for, the job duties, expectations, how you would like the interview process to go, and who the employee will report to. We will tour the workspace and see what requirements and credentials are needed for a successful placement. The final step is that you will need to provide a current W9 and sign an agreement so that all terms are agreed upon before we start searching for your candidates.

What Makes Your Staffing Firm Different From Other Agencies?

L.K. Jordan is a Texas-based, women and family-owned full-service staffing firm that has been in business for over 33 years. We take pride in fulfilling diverse positions, from industrial jobs to professional roles. We completely customize the recruiting and billing processes for our clients.

How Quickly Can You Present Candidates For My Open Positions?

We will start recruiting as soon as we have a complete job description and a fully executed agreement.

Can You Help Me Determine A Salary Range For The Position I Need Filled?

We can absolutely provide you with relevant market insights that show the pay range typical for that specific position in that geographic location.

What Is Your Applicant/Candidate Screening Process?

The screening process for your employees can be completely customized based on your needs and preferences.

What Is The Difference Between A Temp-To-Hire Vs. A Direct-Hire Placement?

With temp-to-hire employees, they remain on our payroll, which allows you time to see if you would like to hire them directly onto your staff. With direct hire, the candidate goes directly onto your payroll.

What If I Want To Hire Them Before They Hit Their Hours?

If you would like to hire the employee before they hit their hours, you will need to contact your L.K. Jordan representative, and they will give you the liquidation fee based on the hours left from our original agreement.

Why Do You Need A Most Recent W9?

We request your most recent W9 to ensure your company is set up correctly in our system.

What Positions Do You Recruit For?

L.K. Jordan recruits for a wide variety of positions in different industries. These industries include but are not limited to administrative, accounting and finance, engineering, mortgage and title, IT, healthcare, oil and gas, and skills and trades.

What Services Are Included When We Work With L.K. Jordan?

When you become a valued client of L.K. Jordan, know we will customize our recruiting approach based on your needs. Based on the type of position you need to fill, we can provide on-site visits/quality checks, online time reporting and on-site time clocks, emergency/after-hours assistance, customized billing and reporting in temporary and temp-to-hire roles. L.K. Jordan is responsible for workers’ compensation, SUTA, FUTA, and insurance benefits (medical, dental, and vision).

What Happens When There Is An Emergency After Hours Or Over The Weekend?

L.K. Jordan has someone on call after hours, and on the weekend, you will call the on-call phone number for the specific L.K. Jordan branch so a Staffing Supervisor can assist you with whatever need you may have.

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