Expensive Hiring Mistakes to Avoid Now

Hiring the wrong employee can hurt your businesses reputation in more than 1 way

Hiring the wrong employee can hurt your company in so many ways – morale, money, and reputation (just to name a few).

Inflation, impeding recession and the typical fear that the unknown brings – your dollar needs to stretch further than ever before. Hiring an employee that doesn’t work out and leaves the company somewhat quickly is extremely damaging and expensive. Here are some financial & time-related costs that are included (and wasted) when hiring an employee:

  • Job board fees
  • Job listings
  • Talent searches
  • Time spent searching through resumes and job boards
  • Time spent speaking with candidates on the phone
  • Time spent speaking with candidates in person for a job interview
  • Onboarding & training


To avoid wasting the aforementioned costs and hiring employees for longevity, we suggest hiring a staffing firm to take care of this for you. There are so many additional benefits you will get when partnering with a staffing agency as well including:


  1. Specialized Knowledge – Our recruiters have specialized knowledge with all of the industries that we are working with allowing us to know exactly what qualities will (and won’t) work in different roles.
  2. Savings in Time and Money – We do all of the vetting for you, from writing expert job descriptions, to interviewing multiple candidates, to handling payrolling, we make it as easy as possible so you don’t have to worry about a bad hire.
  3. High-Quality Talent – Since COVID, labor quality has continued to be one of the greatest problems that business owners face when looking to grow or expand their businesses. It doesn’t have to be this challenging though, staffing companies can help fill these gaps by connecting you with the highest quality talent. We have various screening processes in place as well as utilizing numerous job boards to ensure we find the perfect candidate for the position.
  4. Low Commitment Hiring – One of the best benefits of using a staffing agency is the ability to evaluate candidates before committing to them. You can see if they would be a good fit for the position, with your company culture, and be able to track their progress and achievements – all before making a final decision.


If you’re curious about how this would potentially fit into your hiring plan, give us a call today and speak with any of our Business Development Managers, we would love to see how we can partner with you to bring you more success in 2023!

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