Jeans for Means Donation – American Youthworks

Jeans for Means is the incredible employee-funded give back program that L.K. Jordan & Associates launched in 2013. Our employees donate $5 from each paycheck into the Jeans for Means fund in exchange for wearing jeans on Fridays, and L.K. Jordan donates the collected funds to worthy charities that directly impact our local communities in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston and Austin, Texas. Since its inception, L.K. Jordan & Associates has donated over $80,000 to 16 organizations and counting!!

This time, it was the Austin branch’s turn to pick a well-deserving and local non-profit that would be the recipient of our employees donation. American Youthworks is a fantastic organization that does a lot of really great community work so we are thrilled to have donated $5,000 from our generous employees.

The program offers young adults, ages 16 to 24, the opportunity to complete their education by earning a high school diploma at our on-site charter school or in their instructor-led GED program. No experience is required and participants receive paid career training and industry certifications in computer technology, healthcare, or green construction.

In addition, individualized support services and learning plans are provided, including: counseling, basic needs assistance, graduate support, college readiness, and the New Start initiative for youth who have had involvement with the criminal justice system.

We are so honored to have made an impact on this fantastic organization, and even more grateful to our employees for their generosity in donating. We can’t wait to see who we can help next!




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