5 Ways to Shoo the Flu!

The first day of Fall is finally here! Being a Texas based company we readily welcome lower humidity and cooler temps every year. Unfortunately with the colder weather also comes cold and flu season (in addition to the ongoing COVID pandemic). We want to ensure that you have a happy, healthy and productive fall and winter so we wanted to show you 5 preventions tips on how you can best shoo the flu this year.


  1. Avoid close contact with people who are sick and stay away from others when you feel under the weather.

  2. Get the flu vaccine. Becoming vaccinated against the flue is the best chance of preventing the illness.

  3. Get plenty of sleep, stay physically active, and drink plenty of water to keep your immune system strong.

  4. Manage your stress and eat a nutritious diet rich in healthy grains, fruits, vegetables and fiber.

  5. Wash your hands often using soap and warm water to protect against germs.


Hopefully by utilizing all of these great tips you are able to stay healthy and away from any other illness this season!










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