LK Jordan is a One-Stop Shop For Your Career Needs

Do you ever feel like applying to a job seems to take FOREVER? It’s because it does! Studies show that it takes on average 16.5 hours just to apply and interview to ONE job. That is a full day meaning you could apply to only 5 jobs in a work week! That’s where L.K. Jordan comes in. We are a comprehensive one stop shop for all of your career needs.


You can apply online or come into our office apply AND interview. Applying, interviewing, and completing other necessary steps only takes on average an incredible 1 hour! What’s even better is that you only need to do this ONCE. We send your application, skills, qualifications, work experience, etc. to multiple jobs we have in our database – and this is at NO COST to you!


Call any of our branch locations today or apply online to our jobs. We can’t wait to help you find a career that you LOVE!





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