New Policies Due to COVID-19

First and foremost, we hope that you, your friends and family, are all staying safe and healthy. L.K. Jordan values the health and safety of our employees, candidates, and clients above everything else which is why we have implemented the following policies:


1. We will once again be welcoming walk-ins to all of our branch locations.

We just ask that if you do not feel well to please stay home to ensure the safety of our employees. We promise we can help you find work once you are feeling better.


2. Video/phone interviews are still preferred.

We understand that for some positions that we are hiring for phone or video interviews will not work, but for the majority of jobs they will. If you prefer this option please connect with your Staffing Supervisor to make sure they understand and we will absolutely honor your preference.


3. We will be requiring everyone to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth.

While it is not mandated in Texas to wear one, we are requiring our candidates and employees to for the overall safe and health of everyone. To avoid having you leave and come back another time, please come prepared.


4. All testing computers, chairs, pens, desks, etc. will be wiped down after every use.

Again, we want to serve our candidates AND make sure to keep everyone as safe as possible.







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