Is the Staffing Industry the Workforce of the Future?

One of the best reasons to turn to a staffing company is to take advantage of their connection to available jobs and the ability to find work when and where you want it. It is not only the younger generations that are looking for flexibility in hours so they can complete their education and raise their young families. The aging workforce is just as likely to want to take time off between assignments for long awaited vacations before they are ready for retirement.

The staffing industry is always hiring. Today’s staffing workforce includes jobs in not only Office-Clerical and Administrative, Manual Labor and Industrial, but also includes many professional positions in Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Programming, Health Care, Accounting and Marketing.


Flexible Workforce

Businesses are turning to staffing companies to access talent quickly offering them the opportunity of a flexible workforce ready when their needs arise. Likewise, when special projects are over or their work slows, they have the ability to cut back their workforce, thus saving money and controlling costs. As well, it offers them the opportunity to review the work of employees and retain the more talented individuals who have the desired traits they are looking for. More than 50% of the job listings with staffing companies are “temp-to-hire” where the client company’s intent is to interview and select candidates for a specific job and keep them on the payroll of the staffing company during a probationary period. Nearly 60% of those referrals are retained as permanent employees.


Numerous Benefits

Many staffing companies offer benefits, including health insurance, paid holidays, direct deposit and referral bonuses. Research shows that many times temporary employment is a great way to find a permanent job. The experience gained in temporary jobs often makes a job seeker more employable while at the same time offers them the opportunity to gain additional skills, try new jobs and explore new industries. It is also a way to get a paycheck while you continue looking.

The advantages of a staffing firm are numerous for both businesses and employees. If you are tired of searching the job boards and want to get back to your own job of making money for your company, call a staffing specialist. And to the job seeker who wants a variety of opportunities and quick placement, call your friendly staffing specialist. It’s a “win-win” proposition.


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