Buzz Basics

Buzz Basics

Buzz is a mobile app that L.K. Jordan uses to allow for a quick and easy clock in and clock out process. You will use this time clock:

  1. Every morning at 8:30AM or when your shift begins
  2. During your lunch break
  3. At the end of your shift

To get started, please download the following TempWorks app on your phone:


Next, contact your local L.K. Jordan office for your unique “Invitation Code”. You need to request this, it will not be sent automatically. Once you have it, please input the provided code in the “Invite Code” space and click “Verify”:

Finally click on “Time Clock”. If you have any questions please reach out to L.K. Jordan by either calling your branch or Staffing Supervisor.

  • Austin Branch: 512-342-0302
  • Corpus Christi Branch: 361-814-9700
  • Houston Branch: 713-680-8777
  • San Antonio Branch: 210-488-9360

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