January 2019 Employees of the Month!

San Antonio

Ruben Ramon is the January Temp of the Month for the San Antonio branch! He is extremely hard working, always shows up on time and does everything with a smile. “We are incredibly lucky to have him on our team” says his Manager. Congratulations Ruben!

Corpus Christi Branch

From Jose’s Manager: “Jose has come in and earned the trust and respect of everyone here. He is reliable, on time, has a pleasant demeanor and is a joy to talk to. He has surpassed every expectation. Jose is always busy, you never see him loitering or just hanging around. Plus if you talk to him and understand his private life, you know he has a great story to tell. What he and his wife are enduring is enough to challenge the best of us…and he handles his composure very well. I have heard nothing but good things from his team members – he is well-liked and well-respected. Jose has a tireless work ethic. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Austin Branch

The Austin Employee of the Month for January 2019 is Devin Sone! Devin was nominated by her supervisor for this award because of her outstanding attitude and hard work. Thank you Devin for representing L.K. Jordan in such an awesome way and keep up the good work!


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