L.K. Jordan Named Diversity-Owned Staffing Firm by Staffing Industry Analysts


Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, have released their list of Diversity Staffing Firms and have named L.K. Jordan & Associates as a top firm! This year’s list is comprised of 147 firms that self-identify as being under diversity ownership, whether that is women-owned, African American, Hispanic America, Asian America or LGBTQ.

“SIA’s diversity-supplier list dates back over a decade, with a focus on heightening visibility for the list and for the ongoing conversation around diversity and inclusion in more recent years,” said Subadhra Sriram, Editor and Publishor, Media Products, at SIA. “But diversity and inclusion cannot remain just a conversation. The Workforce solutions ecosystem must continue to address the racism and cultural bias that impacts the hiring process and talent industry-wide. It is our hope that this list helps companies to support diversity and inclusion in business ownership and keeps a spotlight on the changes that are needed to advance more diverse and inclusive communities.”

We are thrilled to be in such esteemed company for this great honor. We pride ourselves on being leaders in our industry, focusing on service delivery and reliability and we know that being women-owned gives us a unique perspective which we can then offer these individualized solutions to our clients. If you would like to read more about this list and see who else is on it, you can find it here.



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