Jeans for Means Donation – Dress for Success

Jeans for Means is an incredible employee-funded give back program that was started in 2013. Since its inception, L.K. Jordan & Associates have donated over $58,000 to 14 organizations that directly impact our local communities in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston and Austin, Texas.


This time it was our Austin teams chance to pick a well-deserving and local non-profit that would be the recipient of our employees donation. We are in the midst of a global pandemic which has had some devastating effects on our country. During this unprecedented time, we understand how important career services are to everyone and how vital it is that everyone has access to any type of assistance they may need. This is exactly why we proudly chose the Austin chapter of Dress for Success as our most recent recipient for our Jeans for Means program!


Dress for Success offers a multitude of services to their clients such as helping people choose an appropriate interview outfit, guidance and support for their interview, assisting women to strive towards their professional goals. Their programs focuses on helping women remain employed and providing them with strategies help their professional growth to ensure they remain stable in their career. For all of these reasons (and so much more) we are thrilled to be able to present them with a donation for $5,500!


We wouldn’t be able to help out our local communities without the generous donations of our very own L.K. Jordan employees. We are so appreciative that they have such giving hearts and we can make an impact in someone’s life! We can’t wait to see who we are able to help next time!




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