Work for Us & Get Rewarded!

We have some very exciting news to kick off the 3rd quarter! This quarter will be the first that we will be doing our newest incentive program! This is something that we have been wanting to introduce and do for a long time and are thrilled to be able to finally announce it!

What You Win

Basically, every employee that meets these goals each quarter will automatically be entered to win one of the below items!

  • For working 200 consecutive hours, you could win a L.K. Jordan & Associated branded drawstring backpack
  • When an employee works 400 consecutive hours, they will have a chance to win a branded water bottle
  • For working an amazing 600 consecutive hours, employees could win a softstyle t-shirt with the L.K. Jordan logo on it

6 thoughts on “Work for Us & Get Rewarded!

  1. Hello good evening,I’m Jessica Licona,ago like 2 months I went to apply in person and I have not had answers,if you have any other winery where you can work, can I get to know,preferably in south Austin,starting from Monday to Friday or 12 hours from Monday to Thursday,thanks

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you for reaching out to us – to check in on your application process, please call the Austin branch office at (512)342-0302 and ask to speak to a recruiter. They will be able to assist you and help you with any future positions you are interested in as well.

    1. Thank you Jessica for your comment! Keep an eye on our social media pages today – we will be announcing the winners for our Austin branch later on and let us know if you have any questions!

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