2018 Employees of the Year – Corpus Christi Branch

Today is the second day for National Staffing Employee Week which we partnered with American Staffing Association to reveal our Employees of the Year! We will be announcing one of our branches selections for their employees of the year every day this week – today we are thrilled to share with you Corpus Christi’s employees of the year!

Melinda Sherrill – Clerical

Everyone who works with Melinda just rave about her amazing personality. She is incredibly optimistic and positive and that is contagious with everyone she works with. Melinda is an extremely hard worker and is always there when you need her, she is very responsive and always has a smile on her face.

Abner Greene, Jr. – Industrial

Abner Greene Jr. has been an extremely reliable employee for L.K. Jordan & Associates for many years. He is reliable, dependable and has shown great leadership! He was even just promoted to a supervisor position for L.K. Jordan recently. We are so proud and excited to have him with us!


Check back tomorrow for our next big reveal!


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